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“On behalf of our darling mother, grandmother, sister to some, aunt to many, and inspired by all whom she comes in contact with, I would like to take a moment to express gratitude to the staff and management of Heritage Manor South Nursing and Rehabilitation, for a fine job they are doing with my mother.”

Mrs. Emma Lee S.

“I have been so impressed with the care that my mother has received at Heritage Manor South, words can’t express. The administrator, director of nursing, social services, CNAs, dietary, housekeeping, and other staff members have exercised their heartfelt commitment in caring for the residents as well as being accommodating to their families and families’ concerns. The facility’s interior/exterior is appealing. My mother enjoys the activities, the seasonal decorations, and has felt a sense of “family atmosphere.” Heritage Manor South is/will be highly recommended in the community and beyond. Our family thanks you so much.”

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H.

“When the need arose in 2006 for us to make a decision relative to the long-term nursing care needs for our mother and sister, we selected Heritage Manor South because of their reputation as being a “love-filled” environment for residents. The professional staff caters to the needs of the resident in order to make sure the necessary and adequate daily assistance is provided, whether it is rehabilitation, transportation for appointments, planned outings, daily/monthly activities, personal hygiene, assisted living and dietary requirements. So, if you are considering care for your loved one, Heritage Manor South is one of the best choices you can make.”

John and Josephine R.